Gazelle Features:

Cuts materials up to 12 inches in width!

Heavy duty standard blade

12 x 12 cutting mat

Easy to use

Software to free you from the cartridge system

Adjustable blade depth and pressure

500 grams of cutting pressure strength!

Free Shipping in the United States

First and foremost, the Gazelle is a lean, mean die-cut machine. It does a lot of things well, but any cutter we like has to be able to cut. As mentioned, this die-cutting wonder can handle a very wide range of materials. The Gazelle can also engrave, emboss and perforate if you instruct it to do so through Funtime.

– Stated by “Top 10 Reviews”

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The Gazelle has been designed with all the features that crafters want. Cuts card stock, glitter paper, chipboard, balsa wood, foam, Grafix plastic sheets, metallic papers, vinyl and other media. Make decorative borders with the scissor tool or create a design with the embroidery tool. The Gazelle comes with Funtime Software with hundreds of great features. 700 built in shapes, and 200 fonts plus can cut true type fonts. For a complete list see the lower portion on this page of listed items. You can import .ai files, .wpc files, .plt files, .jpeg files, .pdf files, .svg files and .bmp files.

We have a forum that is exclusively for tech support and training as well as phone support when needed. We fully support our cutter and have excellent tech support. Visit our Visitors forum for sample projects made with the Gazelle. One year warranty on parts and labor of defective parts. Does not cover customer misuse. The Gazelle is intended for home use only and not under warranty if used in a commercial setting.

System Requirements: Windows Operating System (XP or Newer), CD-ROM reader, 700mg HD space, 2 USB ports.  Our driver supports both 32 and 64 bit systems.

The Gazelle includes:
One heavy duty standard blade
One 12×12 cutting mat
One power supply cord
One power adapter

The Bosskut Gazelle ships with it’s own version of the popular Funtime software

Can cut full 12” media, has 500g of pressure

Can weld words and Shapes

Draw your own designs right in the software

Has an outline and inline feature

Engrave on metal

Create Lattice with a click of a mouse

Create intricate rhinestone templates 


3pt. print and cut feature Produces a very
accurate print and cut.

Reverse weld

Vectorize images

Scan images directly into the software

Fit objects to a path

Fit text to path

Inline sort, and cut by Color

Option to cut only selected images (wonderful feature)

Scissor tool feature adds fancy edges to your designs

200 fonts are included with the software

Will cut true type fonts

700 images including several box and bag designs come with the software

Additional Bosskut designs included. Valued at over $100.00

Features new plotter head technology that allows you to draw with pens.  Does not require a special pen or pen holder.

The Gazelle has 1MB high speed Cache Memory. You can cut large and very intricate designs.

Edit tools to change or clean your images

Trace tool to trace your imported images 

Scan directly into your software


Can import .ai, .svg, .pdf. .dxf and .jpeg. Png, .wpc and many other popular formats

Can resize any image without distortion.

New cutting mat view

New Calligraphy pen. Great option for drawing words, scribbles, doodles, ribbons or flourishes.

Multi-Pass cutting

Full Screen imaging (enables you to see the exact size of your image

Cuts cardstock, chipboard, glitter papers, fabric, stiffened felt, foam, shrinky dink, balsa wood, Grafix plastic sheets , metallic papers, vinyl and other media.